Welcome to Vital Clinic İstanbul Our clinic has been caring for women facing difficult pregnancy decisions for over 10yrs. Amongst other services, we offer  termination of pregnancy at our Reproductive  health clinic in İstanbu.. Our expertly trained and caring staff will provide you with excellent care and non judgmental support, working with your own agenda, in a timeframe which suits you. Vital Clinic İstanbul is a provider of first trimester pregnancy termination services and abortion services. Since 2010 has offered safe, legal pregnancy terminations - Dr Noah s Vital  Clinic was among the first clinics in  İstanbul  to provide medical services to women seeking a legal and safe abortion. The clinic is licesed by the Ministry of Health. Welcome to our abortion clinic for foreigners in istanbul turkey The abortion procedure during the first trimester is called suction curettage or vacuum aspiration method. This method is a simple procedure in which your cervix is gently opened with sterile instruments called dilators. These are gently inserted into your cervix until it has opened to accommodate a thin plastic tube through which a gentle suction is applied. This suction removes the embryonic sac and the soft, thickened lining of the uterus which surrounds the sac. The abortion procedure lasts about 5 to 7 minutes. At the Turkey, İstanbul Abortion Private Clinic, hospital /clinic safe abortion in Turkey for foreigners, we routinely perform an ultrasound scan to verify the presence and location of the embryonic sac before the operation, and also to verify with ultrasaound that all tissue has been removed at the completion of the operation. This ultrasound scan is normally performed while you are under anaesthetic.